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2016-07-10: Portugal-France

And the winner is...

2016-07-07: Germany-France

Final before final

2016-07-06: Portugal-Wales

First time on EURO and in semis

2016-07-03: France-Iceland

Iceland big surprise

2016-07-02: Germany-Italy

Winner main title contender

2016-07-01: Wales-Belgium

Belgium is rising form

2016-06-30: Poland-Portugal

Who will go to semis

2016-06-27: England-Iceland

England big favourites

2016-06-27: Italy-Spain

Spain will go home

2016-06-26: Hungary-Belgium

Biggest surprise so far

2016-06-26: Germany-Slovakia

Revenge time

2016-06-26: France-Ireland

Ireland beat Italy

2016-06-25: Croatia-Portugal

What a derby

2016-06-25: Wales-Northern Ireland

UK Derby

2016-06-25: Switzerland-Poland

Equal teams

2016-06-22: Italy-Ireland

Not so good agaisnt Sweden

2016-06-22: Sweden-Belgium

Sweden needs win

2016-06-22: Hungary-Portugal

Poor poor Portugal

2016-06-22: Iceland-Austria

One team will go home

2016-06-21: Croatia-Spain

Fight for 1st place

2016-06-21: Czech Republic-Turkey

Angry Turkish fans

2016-06-21: Northern Ireland-Germany

Great job with win against Ukraine

2016-06-21: Ukraine-Poland

No chance for Ukraine

2016-06-20: Russia-Wales

Wales almost beat England

2016-06-20: Slovakia-England

Hamsik in great form

2016-06-19: Romania-Albania

Solid performance so far

2016-06-19: Switzerland-France

Both need to show little bit more

2016-06-18: Portugal-Austria

Will Portugal be eliminated after Austria

2016-06-18: Iceland-Hungary

Winner gets next round

2016-06-18: Belgium-Ireland

What a disapointment against Italy

2016-06-17: Spain-Turkey

Spain need to show something

2016-06-17: Czech Republic-Croatia

Czech can not lose

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1. Rato Maricic

Profit: 73.39 Uts

2. Felix Mayer

Profit: 39.47 Uts

3. John Taylor

Profit: 29.01 Uts

4. Milan Nikolevic

Profit: 14.23 Uts

5. Jakub Nowak

Profit: 13.03 Uts

6. wakyman

Profit: 3.37 Uts

7. Spiros Georgious

Profit: -9.48 Uts

8. rockakat

Profit: -12.89 Uts

9. scoop7

Profit: -16.76 Uts

10. Lukas Hubert

Profit: -19.84 Uts

11. Bryn Walsh

Profit: -21.14 Uts

12. Michael Martins

Profit: -60.86 Uts


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