Ancelotti vs Simeone CL final

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In final of Champions League we will se battle of two great coaches

We will see great final of Champions League this Saturday between two great teams, both from Spain, both from Madrid, both great rivals. Battle and trophy will be won on field between greet players on both sides but I think even more important will be battle between both coaches.

Let see what we can expect from this battle of two great coaches. One experienced and one newcomer. One tactically smart prepare to scarify match for result and other proud, prepared to lose but be aware that he was fighting until end.

Carlo Ancelotti is more experienced he already coached teams that play and won finals of Champions League, he also won Premier League with Chelsea, Serie A with AC Milan and Ligue 1 with PSG. So his next goal will be to won Primera with Real and then only title missing for him will be 1st Bundesliga from Top 5 leagues.

Ancelotti is great coach that likes attacking and aggressive football even he comes from Italian coaching school but his advantage is that when it matters he is not afraid to close match and leave opponent to attack and this is in my opinion his biggest advantage for this match as Simeone is young coach that likes attacking football but if Real will sit back and wait for counters Atletico might get punished for playing too much attacking football. Atletico should also be able to sit back in this case and hold 0-0 or whatever result will be in that moment.

But Simeone already show once in important match in Barcelona against Barcelona after he lost 2 important players due injury and was 1-0 behind, losing title, that he is brave coach. He attacked Barca with full power and succeed to score once and won Primera.

If Simeone won Champions League also I am sure we will see him in either PSG, Monaco, City, Chelsea or some other rich club in next years as in this case he will official become not just most prospective coach but also best coach in Europe.

And when he will have unlimited resources regarding players buying then we will all see what team he will build but I am ready to bet right now he will won domestic league and be at least in semis of Champions League. Simeone has something that other coaches do not have, he has some mastery energy that he succeed to transform to his players to play at their best level possible.

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Ancelotti vs Simeone CL final

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