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It's never hard to beat the bookies but you definitely need some tools for the task and that's where we come in. Bookies all over the world use inside information to set traps on odds and if you are not equipped with in-depth analysis, then you are on the bookie hit-list.

We are here to cut your frustration by doing all the work for you and all you will need to do is to go and place the bet when you receive our daily tip via sms. We send out the tip and all information early enough so you can have ample time. Paid subscription will grant you access to in-depth analysis and insight information, previews and tips, all aimed to make you decide better.

Premium Subscription comes with 1 daily tip with attractive odds usually 2+ so making profits will never be hard, no need to be greedy, when we send you our daily soccer tip, don't include it on other bets, place it singly and watch profits pile in day after day.  If by any chance you don't make profits during your subscription which is unlikely, then we guarantee the next month worth free subscription. There are some bookies that don't have certain kind of bet markets depending on countries, if you happen to have such hardships, we'll recommend accordingly.

I wish to say congratulations once again to our subscribers for a great week of success, we are glad to serve you. I only request that you don't call in during game time, relax and wait for the games to end, i know the tension during games but it will pass afterwards. If you need to communicate please use contact details and send an email, we will respond promptly.

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- I wish to say congratulations once again to our subscribers for a great week

Beat Bookies with paid Previews and Tips

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1. Rato Maricic Profit: 73.39 Uts

2. Felix Mayer Profit: 43.17 Uts

3. John Taylor Profit: 29.01 Uts

4. Milan Nikolevic Profit: 19.35 Uts

5. Jakub Nowak Profit: 11.98 Uts

6. wakyman Profit: 3.37 Uts

7. rockakat Profit: -12.89 Uts

8. Spiros Georgious Profit: -13.48 Uts

9. scoop7 Profit: -16.76 Uts

10. Lukas Hubert Profit: -19.84 Uts

11. Bryn Walsh Profit: -28.14 Uts

12. Michael Martins Profit: -60.86 Uts


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