England chances for EURO title

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I think only few neutral observers belive that England has some chance realisticly for holding title in this year EURO before this friendlies and after Germany friendly I think many change their mind regarding England team including me.

Englad used to be team on which you could not realisticly count to make some result. There were always some great names in team but in recent years they just could not perform and made some good result even English fans expected some great result from every single tournement they play on.

I see one big and decisive difference if I compare England team to Spain and Portugal. England has players oriented on goal, players that search chance for quick dribble and shot on goal, to pass as soon as possible to find player runing in empty space, they play forward. When we see Spain, Portugal they play back and pass forward and back again and sometimes their matches are really boring.

I think this England rooster matches will not be boring, also you can always expect goals when Engladn play.

Vardy, Welbeck, Sturridge, Kane, Walcott, Lallana this are players that will make difference. You can not find players like this with so big instinct for scoring goals in Spanish of Portuguese team (not counting Ronaldo).

This is reason why I would not be surprised if this summer England won EURO as they are main contenders together with Germany and France.

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England chances for EURO title

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