Frank Lampard says Farewell to Chelsea

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Frank Lampard confirms Move from Chelsea

Today frank Lampard has broken silence on his future following the end of his contract at Stanford Bridge despite efforts by Chelsea to extend his contract fora year.
Frank Lampard has confirmed a move to the New York City Club where David Villa is moving as well on a free transfer.
Frank Lampard has made 648 appearances for Chelsea.

The 35 year old Midfielder today issued the following statement in which he thanked his former club, team mates and the fans.
“This club has become part of my life and I have so many people to thank for the opportunity. Firstly, Ken Bates, who put his neck on the line to sign me as a young player and without him I would not have even begun this experience." said Lampard.

“Roman Abramovich, the man who saved our club and took us all to new levels. His desire to
push the club to the top of the football world has rubbed off on everyone.
“All the managers and coaches who have helped me develop my game during the time I have been here. I have learnt from every one of them.
“All the brilliant team-mates who I have been lucky enough to train and play alongside for so long. Not just their football qualities but also the friendships I have gained along the way.

“I’d also like to give a special mention to all the staff and people behind the scenes at the club who do not receive the glory but without them the club would simply not function.
“The club will move forward, and as a Chelsea man I have no doubt that with the quality of
the players that are there, they will continue with the success that we have all enjoyed
over the past seasons.”

Report Key

- Frank Lampard made 648 appearances for Chelsea
- Frank Lampard is moving to New York City FC

Frank Lampard says Farewell to Chelsea

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