Infantino calls for FIFA reforms

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UEFA General secretary Infantino seeking FIFA Presidency

Gianni Infantino, 45 is the UEFA general secretary and a FIFA Presidential candidate seeking his first term in the office of the World's Football governing body in upcoming elections.
Infantino has hinted out that FIFA has to undergo an overhaul if it's reputation is to be restored.

“If we don’t do something now about it to restore the image of FIFA  and the reputation of FIFA - and to increase the development of football in the world - then I see no future for FIFA.

“Something needs to be done. Reforms need to be implemented. They need to be voted first and then they have to be implemented.” said Infantino.

The FIFA Presidential elections are due to take place on Friday  in Zurich. FIFA has been a subject of corruption allegations surrounding out-going President Sepp Blatter's reign.

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- Something needs to be done. Reforms need to be implemented.

Infantino calls for FIFA  reforms

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