Technically we were very average.

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FC Barcelona beats Arsenal 2-0 at Emirates

Arsenal were stunned to a 2-0 defeat at Emirates with Luis Enrique's attack taking down Arsenal in their first leg of Champions League last 16.
The Gunners had held Barca goalless until the last 20 minutes of the game when things turned upside down and conceded 2 goals, in the 71' and 83' minutes with a goal and a penalty respectively from Lionel Messi.

Wenger acknowledged that they were technically unmatched and hopes to take back the battle when they meet at Nou Camp for the 2nd leg.

“Technically we were very average. We were naive and that’s what was frustrating.

“It makes it very sticky, if not impossible. We have to go there and fight. They were better than us. There’s no shame to say that.

“It will be very difficult but we have to try and do our best. It’s 95 percent for them and five per cent for us. But you never know.”said Wenger

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- They were better than us.

Technically we were very average.

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